Will Hurd Of Texas Completely Embarrasses James Comey During Congressional Hearing

During today’s questioning of James Comey before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Clinton lackey Gerry Connolly dismissed the mountains of evidence of criminal behavior that exist against Hillary Clinton by calling the whole thing ‘political theater.’

When it became his turn to speak next Representative Will Hurd of Texas wasn’t having any of it.

Hurd started off saying he’s offended by the idea that this is mere ‘political theater.’

“This is not political theater. For me this is serious. I was an undercover officer in the CIA for 9 and a half years. I was the guy in the back alleys collecting intelligence information and passing it to government officials. I have seen friends killed and assets put themselves in harm’s way. This is about protecting the most sensitive information the government has and I wish my colleagues on the other side of the aisle would take it a little more seriously.”

He went on to grill Comey about the investigation and Comey’s failure to recommend indictment.

“The former security of state had an unauthorized server in her basement, correct?”


“Who or what was protecting that server?”

To which Comey replied “Not much. there were a number of people assigned as administrators.”

Hurd continued “and at least 8 of those email chains had info in her basement collected from our most sensitive assets and it was not protected by anyone and that’s not a crime? That’s outrageous. People are concerned. What does it take to prosecute someone who misused government information?”

To which Comey replied that it takes ‘intent’ and gave no clarification as he failed to do the entire hearing on how ‘intent’ needs to be proven in a crime for which the crux of said crime falls on ‘negligence’ rather than willful misconduct.

Hurd asked Comey to explain “what are the ramifications or consequences (for mishandling sensitive government information) if they’re not being levered here. because you’re setting a precedent?”

Comey basically said there would be vague, unnamed bureaucratic consequences. Slaps on the wrist, I guess.

Damn, I’d certainly feel reassured by that if I were a spy putting my life on the line to acquire this information. Now any asshole who wants can store it in a server in her basement and at most they’ll get some vague degree of discipline from their direct superior. Nice job Comey. So much for the law.

Comey went on to say it wouldn’t be ‘fair’ to prosecute clinton because of her ‘celebrity status.’

Is this an episode of some poorly written TV drama?

Sure seems like it.

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