Is Donald Trump Going To Fire Mike Pence?

ALL-STAR CELEBRITY APPRENTICE -- Live Finale -- Pictured: Donald Trump -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)


I don’t know if Trump is seriously trying to be President. I have my doubts. And whether he’s trying to throw the election because he never thought it would get this far in the first place or because he’s really there just to get Clinton into the white house, I’ve simply reached point where I just can’t bring myself to believe that this guy wants to win.

The selection of Mike Pence as Trump’s running mate seems geared specifically to antagonize gay people and people who support gay rights. Pence is not respected in his own party and his extreme social conservative views are not going to win over Independents who have avoided the Republican party for years because of the nutty Christians that took over the party in the 1980’s, and those people’s numbers are waning.

If Trump really is approaching this election as political theater for one reason or another, it is certainly likely that a big ‘you’re fired’ moment will be involved in his campaign. After all, that was the guy’s biggest catch phrase before ‘make america great again.’

It appears they’ve already scrapped the weird Trump Pence logo which kind of looked to me like a demonic sigil meant for use during some kind of anal sex ritual. It’s no longer on the Trump site.


It would be great if Trump would do it in the middle of a high profile campaign appearance – just totally surprise Pence on stage. Trump’s fans would love it because it would show how tough Trump is, and that’s all they really seem to give a shit about.




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