Wikileaks Going Out Of Their Way To Defend Donald Trump – Why?

Wikileaks have been using their Twitter a lot lately to defend and promote Donald Trump, and it’s happening enough that we really have to start questioning their motivation. It would be one thing for them to simply retweet soimething Trump posted that’s pure fact, but that’s not what they’re doing, such as in this tweet where Trump makes a hyperbolic argumentum ad hitlerum about his perceived victimization by the CIA.

For a media outlet that prides itself on claims of pure neutrality, it’s a little strange for them to be retweeting something like that. And that’s not the only example.

In fact, earlier in the day, they retweeted the same Trump tweet with a different commentary.

Hmmm… they think Trump raving about Nazis is a sign of possible reform… a little strange to jump to such a conclusion.

Here they are again, retweeting something about Trump’s lawyer’s denial that he made a purported Prague visit. What interest does wikileaks have of helping Trump or his team clear themselves? Again, kind of strange for an allegedly ‘neutral’ media outlet.

And there’s more.

Really, that’s what wikileaks felt the need to tweet, that poor Trumpy feels like he’s the focus of a witch hunt?

One really has to ask why wikileaks are going out of their way to align with Trump. Could they have some kind of deal worked out involving Assange? Could they have other motives? Could they just really like Trump? There’s nothing at all critical on their Twitter feed about Trump or any of his cabinet picks. Nothing about Tillerson/Exxon, or Sessions and his lust for the drug war. Nothing. It’s a lot of typical wikileaks stuff, Snowden and Greenwald retweets, etc, but now with a lot of pro-Trump stuff thrown in.

don’t you find that at least a little bit suspect?

I do.

And we still don’t have a good answer as to why they waited til Clinton clinched the nomination to start releasing all the really juicy emails, or why they were so adamantly against the Panama papers.

There’s a lot of hero worship for Assange and wikileaks among people on the left. I’m simply asking for some skepticism. Foreign actors helped Trump win; whether directly or indirectly remains unclear. But to just have faith that their motives are pure is ridiculous.

Trust no one.



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