We Must Demand The Inclusion Of Jill Stein & Gary Johnson In The Presidential Debates



Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are viewed as awful candidates by the majority of Americans. Whether you like one of them or not you can not deny that the majority of people see your candidate as a ‘lesser of two evils’ at best. Those people deserve to hear from alternative candidates. However, the party that you support has colluded with the ‘other’ party that you claim to hate to make sure that alternative voices like those of Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are not broadcasted to the general public through traditional channels.

If your candidate is so wonderful, why do you support the silencing of other candidates? Essentially, that’s what you’re doing by silently accepting the arbitrary ‘rules’ the Democrats and Republican candidates have established so that their twisted games of dialectics can be used to control the populace into voting against their better interests time and time again. Essentially, you’re a bunch of quiet little fascists because you allow this to go on. The funniest part is that you call it ‘patriotism.’

The two party duopoly in the United States is a problem. It creates a political climate where bullshit social identity wedge issues are amplified while serious issues like war, corporate cronyism in governance, and the infrastructure of our society are virtually ignored. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are going to try and distract people with nonsense. We need real voices on that debate stage. We need Gary Johnson and Jill Stein to bring some truth to this sham of an election.

By the rules set up by the Democratic and Republican parties, Stein and Johnson each need to reach 15% in major polling to qualify for inclusion in the debates. Americans should not stand for this blatant attempt to prevent the strengthening of our political discourse. 15% is not an impossible bar to reach, but the vicious cycle it creates can not be ignored. How can a candidate given virtually no mainstream media airtime and denied inclusion in debates be expected to miraculously grow their poll numbers to 15% the way elections are run today? It also demands mentioning that the bar continues to be raised. Once 5%, it has been raised several times over the years so the worthless Democrats and the worthless Republicans can keep being… worthless.



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