Video Provides Convincing Evidence That Alex Jones Is Counterintelligence (COINTELPRO)

Alex Jones is a bloated douchebag who kind of sounds like your worst friend from high school’s worst uncle. Jones seems to exist simply to make people who question the official narratives we’re told seem like loonies by association due to the disinformation he spreads which he peppers with fact to entice the easily fooled. He is almost certainly working for some intelligence agency or another as an attempt to subversively brand people who question the truth as dopey, delusional, far-right imbeciles. Basically, since he’s the most famous ‘conspiracy theorist’ then all people who allege conspiracies in government and media must be delusional and obnoxious idiots like Jones.

Watch the video and decide if this clown is just a loudmouth with a talent for attracting followers, or if his “Infowars” thing is actually a well-funded counterintelligence operation.

And here’s another one linking Jones to Stratfor, an Intelligence Agency with ties to Mossad and CIA.



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