It Turns Out The ‘Nazi Haircut’ Knife Attack ‘Victim’ Stabbed Himself With His Own Knife

Joshua Witt, a guy who made headlines after claiming he was the victim of a knife attack because he looked like he had a ‘Nazi haircut,’ has been arrested by police in Sheridan, Colorado, for making the whole thing up. Police questioned a local transient who fit Witt’s description of his attacker and cleared him as a suspect, then located surveillance footage from a local sporting goods shop of Witt purchasing the knife.

Under questioning, Witt admitted to police that he cut himself.

“When police confronted Witt with that information on Aug. 24, he admitted accidentally cutting himself with the knife while in his car parked in front of the store. Witt was booked on a charge of false reporting to authorities and released. A conviction on the charge can result in a fine of up to $2,650 and up to one year in jail.”

Read the full story over at the Denver Post.



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