Trump Is The Perfect President For Our Groupthink-Oriented & Vacuous Society

It’s been 12 days since Donald Trump was elected President, though it feels like an entire era has passed before my eyes. Perhaps it’s just a result of having been banned from posting on Facebook for a week, affording me the opportunity to step out of the collective madness that has enveloped that site and other social media sites in the wake of the election. I’m not incredibly active on other social media platforms, though I do buzz into Twitter from time to time, and often use Youtube as a catalyst for sleep. And this new site Minds has lured me in, though I haven’t really gotten too deep into it yet. Subscribe to me on Minds, if you’d like. They claim to be opposed to censorship. But enough of that, back to this post.

Donald Trump is a perfect President for the United States at this moment in time. He perfectly represents the tribalism and groupthink that has become the clarion call of our collective consciousness. While many groups may oppose him on ideological grounds, he is essentially a creation of the tribalism and groupthink that has come to characterize us as a society. The alt-right are essentially an equal and opposite reaction to the equally noxious and annoying social justice warrior progressives that they so oppose. But could these two groups exist in a vacuum absent of the other? And likewise, both of these groups are offspring of the more ‘establishment’ sects of their ideological groupings. On the left, the Neoliberal corporate Democrats are in essence a reaction to the Neoconservative Republicans, both groups having vehemently opposed each other all while sliding ever closer together in matters of corporate power, military intervention, and a mutually agreed upon dialectic pivot based on social issues like guns, abortions, and gays.


Trump has spent this past weekend using Twitter to lash out against meaningless exercises in left-wing entertainment industry ‘protest.’ In the following Tweets, Trump chastises the cast of the musical “Hamilton” for their vapid, self-righteous lecturing of Vice President-elect, Mike Pence, and similarly derides Saturday Night Live for its “one-sided” satire in his direction. Trump’s followers, of course, are faithfully joining him in righteous anger, while the left are elevating these minor protestations to the level of some grand gesture on behalf of humanity, especially the “Hamilton” garbage.


It’s all just empty, dull, childish, simplistic political tribalism, and it perfectly captures why Trump is the perfect person to lead us through the next four years, probably eight. We deserve this, every one of us.

Alec Baldwin, who played Trump on SNL, of course got into a ‘Twitter war’ with the President-elect. Because if something happens in the forest of existence and there’s no Twitter war to record it, does it really happen?

I spent a few hours last night trying to understand the alt right movement. I was convinced that there was more to them than the tribalist descriptors given to us by the establishment media, that they are ‘racist’ and ‘bigoted’ ‘white nationalists.’ And there is, of course. Essentially the alt-right is an equal and opposite reaction to the batshit social justice progressivism that has polluted our discourse for the past several years. While there are elements of the alt right ideology that are grounded in an economic populism and nationalist opposition to the ever-encroaching globalist centralization of power, also prevalent among the alt-right is a reactionary fervor completely based on fear, paranoia, and a desire for inclusion in a group, or a collective, or a tribe; one based on so-called ‘conservative values’ but detached from the corporate globalist Neoconservativism of the Republican establishment. Milo Yiannopoulis wrote a particular lucid but fawning and uncritical account of the alt right on Breitbart that anyone truly interested in understanding this movement should check out.

In conclusion, the reactionary nature of our prevailing political movements should come as no surprise, and after eight years of Obama rule, Trump is the equal and opposite reaction we deserve, and maybe even need. Perhaps in the age of everything being recorded, and with information being readily available at the tips of our fingers at all times, a movement can form to break us out of the constant see-sawing that is left-right-left-right politics marching us off a series of cliffs. Perhaps a radical centrist movement can emerged based on reason, pragmatism, and sound policy and planning.

But I doubt it.



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