Triumph Of The Shill: Clinton Fires Up The ‘War On Terror’ Propaganda During CNN Appearance


She’s no Hitler when it comes to making speeches, but Clinton is a total pro when it comes to using fearmongering propaganda to captivate a nation of people just ready for something to be worried about other than the real material concerns of their lives.

That’s why she was sure to mention those ‘radical Jihadis’ and their ‘evil agenda’ during her call-in appearance on Anderson Cooper’s state propaganda program on CNN last night.

Never letting a ‘crisis go to waste’ Hillary took the opportunity of the tragedy in Nice to share her glorious expertise of a problem that was largely created by people she associates with and which she has exacerbated with her actions as Secretary of State when she helped manufacture the fall of Libya and the chaos in Syria and the entire region for that matter.

She never mentioned any of that, opting instead to scare people with nonsense.

As it turns out the guy in Nice wasn’t a ‘jihadi’ anyway but some guy who was pissed off at life after a failed marriage. Try not to move the narrative ahead of the facts, Clinton.



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