It’s Time For Progressives To Stop Caring About The Democrats’ Russian Hacking Fixation

A really weird dynamic has formed within the American left around this whole Russian hacking/Trump/Democrats/CIA story. Certain elements, primarily in so-called ‘progressive’ circles, are spending a ton of time rehashing the same tired talking points about how the Democrats are lying, red-scaring, etc. While this may be true, and it seems like it might amount to a lot of political hot air, I fail to see why it’s beneficial to people who claim to be on the ‘left’ to constantly harp on the inane political games being played between the Democrats and Donald Trump.

While recognition that the Democrats are a bunch of dopes is certainly not going to draw resistance from yours truly, the amount of time and energy being spent by some people in ‘activist’ or ‘progressive’ circles to oppose Democrats is having the strange effect of making these people essentially part of the pro-Trump chorus.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange are seen by some people as endless fountains of truth, whose assumed nonpartisanship is beyond reproach. But is this really the truth. In the past several days, Wikileaks on its Twitter feed has been consistently retweeting and parroting Trump’s analysis of the whole ‘Russian hacking’ thing, and Trump has returned the favor.

So this is Wikileaks, an organization many on the left place on a pedestal as a fountain of unbiased truth. They’re retweeting Donald Trump’s claim that he is the focus of a ‘political witch hunt.’ But is he any more the focus of a ‘witch hunt’ than any politician, especially a president, and is it really still the sign of nonpartisanship and lack of bias for Wikileaks to be parroting his claim?

The answer is no, but it doesn’t matter. People on the left will continue to parrot this shit because they are locked into the thinking that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ and since there are plenty of valid reasons to oppose the Democrats, they’re more than willing, whether consciously or subconsciously, to help Trump.

What’s needed is skepticism, not blind following. Wikileaks should be seen as an occasional source of good information, but the opinions of Assange or the things they tweet should be met with healthy skepticism. This should go without saying when they’re retweeting Trump all day, but sadly too many people don’t really stop to think once they’ve found something to believe in, and Assange/Wikileaks worship is all the rage on the left these days.

It’s time for the left/progressives to stop whining about the stupid political games being played between the Democrats and Donald Trump. Let those shitbags have each other. Focus on policies and laws that are in the pipeline; focus on the sorry state of our society and what we can do to fix it. Being the ‘anti-Democrat’ left will only take you so far before you start sounding like a broken record playing a boring old tune that no one wants to hear.



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