Our Site Will Not Be Joining The Univision Revolution Any Time Soon

We figure if you’re rolling around in bed with the corporate overlords you might be willing to do an extra something to please them, like peddling ‘vote for Hillary’ narratives that your bosses find favorable.

I’ve never particularly trusted Cenk Uygur. He’s always always given me a bit of a COINTELPRO vibe. Either way, the Young Turks taking big Univision dollars to air on Fusion TV is an indication that they’re not quite the ‘media revolutionaries’ they pretend they are.Maybe that’s why they jump on to whatever divisive corporate identity politics narratives they can find when they should be focusing on war, voter fraud (which they have not touched on very much at all, hmmm….), the Clinton Foundation, etc.

This is why we need media platforms that exist independently of the entrenched power structure.

If you have something interesting you feel the world needs to know, don’t waste it on a transitory, fleeting Facebook post. Post it here, give it a permanent link that you can share indefinitely.

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