There Is Too Much Censorship And Thought Policing On The Left And In Bernie Groups

It’s really disturbing to see groups I belong to fall into the same traps of liberal thought policing that those groups once at least seemed to oppose. More and more I am being attacked and derided by people on the supposed ‘left’ for expressing opinions against Hillary Clinton. Often, this criticism takes the form of ‘this site is clickbait’ or ‘we are a pro-bernie group only and we don’t allow anti-Hillary posts.’ Both perspectives are garbage that I find wholly deplorable.

The truth is that the corporate media has a stranglehold on information. For administrators of Bernie Sanders groups to suddenly and arbitrarily decide some opinions need to be censored out of existence disturbs me immensely and it makes me think a number of people have learned nothing from this primary election and will easily succumb to the same bullshit corporate media narratives that have guided their lives thus far.

It would be wonderful to have a pie-in-the-sky optimism about what the Bernie Sanders campaign has meant, but each and every day I notice slavery to the bullshit of the corporate liberal media, especially since Orlando; and as my posts and opinions are censored more and more often, my suspicions that the same fascist bullshit from the past will co-opt this current movement become more and more a reality.

The plain and obvious fact is that the United States has an authoritarian right and an authoritarian left and people who oppose authoritarianism are at all turns derided as outsiders, as conspiracy theorists, as scum. Political correctness, calls for politeness in discourse, and slavery to liberal identity politics have divided and weakened the underclasses to the point that anything approaching real material concerns about the state of our society is easily relegated to the bins of ‘fringe politics’ – for example Libertarians and Greens are considered kind of ‘weird’ despite the fact that most people agree with their platforms more than they agree with the actual policy positions of the reshits and democraps.

And I have no doubt I will be banned from a few more groups for posting this.



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