The Specter Of Inverted Totalitarianism Haunts The 2016 Election


Today is election day, and the result it brings can only be described as a peculiarly American pathological blunder. We are a population of hypnotized rejects, easily swayed by phantasmic appeals to identity, wholly manufactured visions of patriotism, and carefully constructed narratives meant to obfuscate the truth of our present, rather than illuminate a path toward a better future.

This election is a psy-op. The essence of our political reality in this country is one of pure illusion, created and perpetuated to serve the interests of those whose control relies heavily on the passivity and stupidity of a people who have no understanding of the need to cut away the facade, and who are content to cheer like drunken football fans for one side or the other of whatever dialectic mindfuck happens to be the flavor of the week at any given time. Rather than material concerns based on careful analysis of reality, people desire for a more metaphysical and intangible axis around which to grind their political axes, and this truth has no greater, more eloquent manifestation than in the two miscreants we chose to be our candidates for president in the 2016 election.

We’ve been designed this way on purpose. Overloaded with consumer goods, bad food, mind-altering chemicals, and a steady dose of mind control, we are all both predator and prey to the vicious angles by which we mold our society. We have let this happen, and we not only keep letting it go on, but we revel in the glee of its continuation and cheer its perseverance. We are idiots, all of us.

The sad reality is that there is no end in sight unless we radically re-envision our individualities. We can not be passive consumers of the flux of their chaos, but harbingers of power; and not reactionary power, protesting against perceived wrongs in the name of abstract concepts, but grabbers and attainers of power as a virtue in itself. We must no longer chase the specters of the inverted totalitarian system that has been devised to control us but instead must shatter its mythic crystal structures with the pure joy of being, leaving dozens upon dozens of radical creations in their wake.

The slave morality narratives of old will not save us, and the masters’ tools are dull and worn. It is time for a new type of individual to emerge from the chaos, unburdened by accusations he is certain to face. It is time to awake from the communally solipsistic state into which we’ve been lulled. It is time to fuck shit up.



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