The FBI Will Only Move On Hillary If That’s What Bilderberg Decided At Their Recent Annual Meeting

Face it, we do not live in a  nation governed by laws. We live in a  nation governed by authority. That authority is ultimately exempt from the illusory laws they dangle before our eyes. Hillary Clinton is not the top authority in this pyramid, but the guys at the top have always liked her. She’s their girl because she’s with them, not the other way around. And they have a long history together, as Bill Clinton was a guest at the 1991 Bilderberg meeting, a little over a year before he was elected president.

That’s why when the Bilderberg Group met last week in Dresden, Germany for their annual meeting, the US Elections stood at the top of their agenda. Missing from this year’s meeting was Jim Messina, Hillary Clinton’s chief advisor, though he was an attendee in 2015.  Hillary’s pal Henry Kissinger did make it this year, as did Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the key anti-Trump Republicans likely working toward the goal of electing fellow corporatist Hillary Clinton to the position of puppet head for the Neoliberal Corporate State.

Bilderberg wants a US-led NATO force to go to war war against Syria and ultimately war with Iran. Not only does Hillary Clinton want both of those things, but she is a chief architect of the chaos happening in Syria and the region right now. There’s little reason to believe that Bilderberg would decide to take Hillary down.

Some are suggesting that perhaps the Orlando massacre was Bilderberg’s way of signaling to the FBI it needed to lay off Hillary. I am neither discounting or supporting that theory. What I do know is that it is incredibly clear that Hillary Clinton broke the law, and that if the FBI does not move on her, it means she exists outside the law. You don’t get to exist outside the law unless someone whose authority overrides the law (Bilderberg) decides you exist outside the law.

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