It Takes A Real Shithole Of A Society To Elect A Shitbag Like Trump

The people most loudly whining about immigrants from so-called “shithole” countries, led by their bloviating-turd-in-chief, are the same people who seem to be working ceaselessly to sink our own country ever further into a stinking hole of shit. Of course, they may just be hypnotized into mis-action by all the shiny mansions lined around the rim of shithole USA Inc.; mansions filled with bloated capitalist pigs like Trump himself. Savor his crumbs, plebes. Maybe he dropped a Big Mac and some fries.

“But wait,” the Trump supporters say. “Trump is not one of THEM. He’s one of US. He hates brown people just like we do,” foolishly failing to grasp the fact that Trump has nothing but disdain for them too.

No, led by Trump these semi-malicious but mostly just stupid fools are acting with a razor-sharp focus on destroying our society, shoveling shit upon shit upon shit until everything stinks as wretchedly as their putrid hearts.

I mean, what other explanation can there be for people who, faced by the fact that the concentrating of wealth in the hands of billionaires increases exponentially, continue to set their sights on the less fortunate, people who need a helping hand, immigrants, the working poor, the impoverished? What other explanation can there possibly be for the type of person who looks at a society suffering from the worst excesses of capitalism and just shrugs his shoulders and whines about Mexicans, Haitians, Salvadorans?

It’s not a new phenomenon, of course. The elites have always used xenophobia to give people a punching bag as they themselves continue throat punching the people they’re so easily manipulating into said xenophobia. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

“Look at that guy over there. He’s ruining your life,” as (insert king, priest, president, boss, chief, etc. here) ruins the life of the people he rules over.

The solution is not liberalism. It’s not finding the right Democrat with all the cozy social issue boxes checked to make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy. It’s a global class war we’re in and we are on the front lines of one of its major fields of battle. The rich will not relinquish the wealth they’ve hoarded and continue to hoard. They will not relinquish their power and control. They have completely financialized the economy to ensure complete control will continue to be in the hands of the elites. They have built superstructures of control that will not be easily dismantled.

We must strike this cancer at its putrid core. We must attack the nexus of power and money. We must dismantle the systems that capital uses to keep its grasp on power in place.



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