Sorry Hillbots, James Comey Did Not Act In Violation Of The Hatch Act

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Mindless Hillary supporters, among them top Democrats such as Harry Reid, have become rather unhinged since news broke Friday that the FBI would be reopening its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private Email server to conduct State Department business. It’s understandable, as this is a serious blow to her campaign 11 days prior to an election. Amusingly, their wild and irrational response only further illustrates why the Democratic Party is seen as a joke by all but their most faithful followers.

Probably the most absurdly laughable response comes from Harry Reid, who claims James Comey’s letter represents a violation of the Hatch Act, a 1939 law meant to prevent government employees from interfering with the results of an election. Democratic lemmings immediately latched on to this, going as far as to say Comey’s alleged violation of the act should land him in jail. There are just a few minor problems with that assertion. One, the Hatch Act is not a criminal statute. Violators can be subject to administrative penalties, but not legal penalties. No one has or ever will go to jail as a result of violating the Hatch Act. Two, intent needs to be proven for something to be truly considered a Hatch Act violation. What Comey did was send a letter alerting congress that an investigation he had previously testified to congress as having been completed was being reopened in light of new evidence. That’s called doing his job, and no reasonable stretch of the imagination can arrive at the conclusion that he did it to ‘help Trump win.’ If Comey wanted to help Trump win, all he really had to do was recommend indictment to congress when he first concluded the investigation, as he admitted laws were broken.

Clinton supporters will obviously do all kinds of ridiculous mental gymnastics to excuse the wanton criminal behavior of their wildly corrupt candidate. If she were running against a reasonable candidate, the point would be moot, as any responsible, adult, serious candidate would be crushing her in the polls right now by double digits. Unfortunately, the right side of the aisle is not without their own share of dysfunction, and they nominated Donald Trump.

There exists in our country a serious crisis of leadership. I am choosing not to vote for anyone running for President this year, major or 3rd party. I do not see any of them as worthy of being elected President of the United States. Instead, I support a coup led by General Joseph Dunford against whichever of the two major party scoundrels wins the election. Drastic times call for drastic actions.

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