Senator Jeff Merkley Of Oregon Shames Republicans Over Health Care Hypocrisy

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, widely known as the only member of the Senate with the guts to endorse Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic Primary, and no slouch when it comes to his own progressive credentials, used his turn on the Senate floor this evening to cast shame on the Republiclowns for their refusal to hold a debate on the disastrous GOP health care bill after having complained back in 2009 about the voting on the Affordable Care Act.

Merkley, in a series of live action memes perfectly encapsulated the hypocrisy of the GOP scum. Check them out below.

oregon health care merkley trumpcare
Trumpcare: no hearing, no vote!

merkley trumpcare
Why are the GOP afraid to put Trumpcare up for debate?

jeff merkley oregon health care trumpcare ahca

merkley mcconnell
Mitch ‘the dopey turtle’ McConell
merkley paul ryan
Paul Ryan: douchebag in the house.

Bernie fucking Sanders, ladies and gentlemen!

sanders health care
Bernie Sanders shreds Republiscum on their garbage health care bill.



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