Scott Baio Should Kill Himself (Z-Lister Shares Meme Suggesting Heather Heyer’s Murder & Sandy Hook Were Staged)

Scott Baio is a worthless piece of despicable shit. The has-been (never really was) actor earlier today shared a meme that suggests the mother of Heather Heyer, the woman killed by Baio’s Neo-Nazi friends in Charlottesville, is a “crisis actor” who was also involved in the Sandy Hook massacre, which idiotic conspiraturds believe was a “false flag.”

The right has been making up excuses since Charlottesville so that they don’t have to take responsibility for the problems they’re causing in society. For a high-profile idiot like Baio to share this kind of shit would be irresponsible if it wasn’t clearly apparent that Baio is beneath responsibility.

Only fitting that Baio’s Twitter profile features a photo of him with the conspiracy-monger-in-chief, Donald Dump.

Fuck these people. Baio should just fucking kill himself.

heather heyer scott baio



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