Say No To The Neoliberal Circus – We Don’t Want Billionaires; We Don’t Want Oprah

So you want Oprah to be president now because she made a speech that perked your wittle ears? Good for you. You’re a useful idiot. Like Obama before her, Winfrey would excel at vacuous platitudes that obfuscate the fact that she has zero intention to actually change the persistently downward economic trajectory of the poor and working class members of society. She is a billionaire and she thinks like a billionaire. To someone like Winfrey, capital is king. Her queendom would be in perpetual service of the neoliberal project, which is, to put it plainly, corporate governance.

Trump is a funny kind of neoliberal. He has used the language of nationalism and racial tension to pacify a segment of the population who think “conservatively” but had grown tired of the business-as-usual of the Republican Party. Like the showman he is, Trump’s project consists in crafting a persona who will be “tough” against the neoliberal power structures while in reality making them even stronger. Trump has no plans to do anything about the financialization of the economy. He has no interest in anything that will make life difficult for the board members of Goldman-Sachs. He is a neoliberal. His “cloak” is that of a bigoted right-wing nationalist who wants to “make America great again.” The naive hear this rhetoric as some kind of clarion call to a return to something they can’t really fully explain but know in their hearts is true: that “America” was once “great” and a big reason it’s not is because of “libtards” and minorities, gays, feminists, etc… It’s all rather silly.

Well, Oprah is the liberal Trump – a mirror image of the same thing to appeal in many of the same ways but to the “other” side of the dialectically delineated socius. Instead of keeping out foreigners to “make America great again,” Oprah will help them “overcome adversity” by virtue of empty speeches and little to no real policy. She will bring forth a “better future” through empty appeals to “diversity.” It’s a joke.

Don’t fall for the charade. We don’t need billionaires. We need to fight billionaires. We are on the losing side of a class war, and billionaire saviors that we like because they have dark skin and vaginas are not the way out. Neoliberalism will never be the solution to neoliberalism. More capitalism will never remedy the problems inherent in capitalism.



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