Sanders Calls Trump A Bully While Endorsing The Candidate That Bullied His Supporters

While addressing his delegates today prior to the Democratic National Convention Bernie Sanders in basically the same breath called Donald Trump a ‘bully’ while endorsing and encouraging his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that all through the primaries Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and the Democratic Party made it a point to bully and harass his supporters both in the corporate media via propaganda and disinformation (DNC chair throwing, etc) and on social media via the use of ‘astroturfing’ which refers to hiring paid trolls to create havoc in online communities. His words met an overwhelming chorus of boos from those in attendance.

While it is of no concern of mine how Bernie Sanders chooses to vote in November, nor is it much concern to me how he chooses to spend the rest of the election, it is highly disappointing to see Sanders obfuscate the simple truth regardless of what his motives may be.

The bottom line is that we agree with Bernie Sanders that Trump is a bad candidate, but so is Hillary Clinton. And while Trump may be a complete and total asshole, it’s Clinton and her people who actually attacked us, lied to us, sabotaged our efforts, and essentially wasted our time, money, energy, and aspirations on a rigged primary election.

Jill Stein is currently providing a model for the kind of leadership this country needs and she should be applauded. We need people in office willing to stand up to the corrupt leadership of both parties, not just the one they personally think is ‘less bad’ than the other, and a big part of leadership is not shying away from difficult truths.

While I respect Bernie Sanders for what he has accomplished in this election and believe his efforts have great potential to contribute to real lasting change, it is clear that he has gone as far as he can and I will not attack him for his choice, though I am 100% confident that his choice is the wrong one.



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