Robert Reich Is Just Embarrassing Himself At This Point

Robert Reich continues to talk about Hillary Clinton as if the problems many people have with her are relatively minor in scope compared to the problems people have with Donald Trump.

Referring to a Washington Post editorial, Reich posted on his Facebook page earlier today:

Yes, Hillary Clinton has a trust problem, as the Washington Post notes below. But Donald Trump has a bigotry, megalomaniac, xenophobe, conspiracy-crazed, incompetence problem. Four months from now, for most voters it’s likely to come down to “who do you loath least?”

According to the Post, Clinton’s strategy for dealing with the trust problem is to admit it’s an issue, and plaster the airwaves with positive ads about her life’s work and negative ones about Trump. I don’t think that’s enough. She also must stand for something large and important (such as getting big money out of our politics) and credibly communicate her commitment to achieving it. I worry she’s not doing that yet.
What do you think?

Yeah, that’s all. Clinton has a ‘trust problem.’ No mention of her ongoing criminal investigation, ties to countries like Saudi Arabia, her shady and we may soon find out criminal maneuverings involving the Clinton Foundation, the fact that she is Wall Street’s candidate of choice to be the next President, and most importantly to me her war record and the FACT that she is going to bring us to war in Syria, promising she will install a no-fly zone over the the country as one of her first moves as Commander In Chief. Nothing like that from Reich. No, it’s simply a ‘trust problem’ and therefore it’s not even really her problem entirely. It’s our problem according to Reich, because we simply don’t ‘trust’ her.

What Reich fails to understand or perhaps is intentionally refusing to acknowledge is that for many of us it is not really a matter of ‘trust’ that will keep us from voting for Clinton. I don’t really trust most Democrats, but there’s a decent chance I’d be able to hold my nose and vote for them over Trump. At the very least I’d be less staunchly opposed to their candidacies. For example while I did not vote for John Kerry in 2004, had I lived in a hotly contested swing state I may have considered it. Clinton I will never vote for because many things she has done and the things she says she will do if elected sink well below my moral and ethical baseline.

I don’t want leadership like Hillary Clinton, and it’s more because I DO trust her. I trust that she’ll be a war-hawk, that she’ll bring us to war in Syria, that she will provoke Iran and most likely Vladimir Putin. I am tired of the Neoliberal leadership this country has and she sits on a throne placed right atop the Neoliberal trash heap.

Reich can vote for who he wants. But if he expects to be taken seriously as a commentator on this election he needs to be honest. The contrast between Trump and Clinton is not nearly as stark or clear as Reich wants us to believe.

If anything, the ‘incompetence’ he mentions above when describing Donald Trump is why I personally see Trump as the ‘lesser evil.’ He’d get into government and he’d have a lot of people trying to stop him, watching over him, making sure he doesn’t let his id run all over the White House. I don’t think he will be able to navigate the halls of governmental corruption with quite the same level of finesse as would Hillary Clinton, someone who can accurately be described as the reigning heavyweight champion of corruption in government.

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