Right-Wing Troglodytes Go To Berkeley To Harass Locals, Get Their Asses Handed To Them

Berkeley, California was the site of some minor chaos Saturday as a bunch of Trump supporters and other right-wing troglodytes decided to hold a ‘free speech’ rally in the notoriously left-wing city. The scene predictably got ugly as people who actually live in Berkeley and don’t want their streets filled with douchebags making Nazi salutes and chanting racially-charged slogans decided to confront the troublemakers rather than sit and watch the idiocy unfold.

Things did get violent, and the bulk of the available photos seem to suggest that aside from one Richard Spencer-esque douchebag sucker-punching a young woman, it was the anti-fascists who inflicted the most injuries.

Being someone who tends to avoid such nonsense, I was not there, so readers can judge for themselves. Also, I kinda can’t stand Berkeley in general, but that’s a story for another post. But from what I can tell, the right should just give up. I’m sure a ‘free speech’ rally in Fresno, or even better on a farm 100 miles west of Omaha would be more welcoming to the ideas they’re trying to have heard.

Maybe Berkeley just isn’t the place for guys who have 2gb collections of Pepe memes on their hard drives and still actually think Trump is ‘anti-establishment’ and not just another puppet.

Here’s the sucker punch on the woman the righties are really proud of…

so tough

(update: the douche punching the woman is the nazi founder of the hate group Identity Evropa, Nathan Damigo. He spent 5 years in a California prison for robbing a cab driver at gunpoint because he falsely believed the driver was an Iraqi. Damigo was radicalized in prison by white supremacists.)

antifa berkeley trump riot rally
‘Feminist Tears’

Some more stuff from Twitter…



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