Ready For Hillary? NATO Announces Military Action Against Future Cyber Attacks

The Neoliberal vampires can hardly keep their fangs in their mouths over the thought of Queen Hillary’s coronation next January. This week NATO announced that it will deal with cyber attacks on member states the same way it deals with military attacks against member states: that is, it will treat them as possible grounds for the use of military force.

That this is coming on the heels of the Guccifer 2.0 leak of DNC internal documents and growing talk that Putin has Hillary’s emails is no coincidence. Are they NATO white knights just rushing to the rescue of Lady Hillary? Kind of, but it’s all part of a continued pattern of banging the war drums for a forthcoming showdown against Russia. If Clinton is elected, one of her first actions as President is going to be the enactment of a no fly zone over Syria to provoke the Russians. The Russians won’t take this bait, but Hillary will keep pushing and pushing until the evil bitch gives the world the war she so desperately desires.




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