#Putingate Is Just Phase One Of The Donald Trump Impeachment Process

I really have to hand it to the Democrats. Faced with what seems to be the extreme likelihood of another trouncing in the 2018 midterm elections in which 23 Democratic incumbent Senators face what will surely be tough races to save their seats, mostly in red states, the party is wasting no time in getting to work on Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Oh, you thought #Putingate was something other than pure political theater? You’re adorable.

putingate horse putin baby bottle

Yes, the CIA may have uncovered ‘evidence’ that Putin’s propaganda arms soaked the American media landscape in pro-Donald ‘fake news’ with the reckless abandon of a young Tolstoy spilling potato vodka all over his best kosovorotka while out on the streets of Saint Petersburg prowling for devotchkas, but I digress. I think we all knew that was going on, and frankly, it’s not really a big deal. That’s the 21st century for ya. But the Democrats need something, anything that they can use to get the ball rolling on the inevitable Trump impeachment process.

You really have to give them props for not even waiting for the electoral college to convene, perhaps betraying the existence of some small glimmer of hope on their part that somehow, anyhow, they will ‘stop Trump’ via Trump’s electors having a ‘moment of conscience’ in which they decide to make Queen Hillary, our rightful ruler, the President.

But honestly, I don’t even think Nancy Pelosi in all her pre-senility glory believes that’s going to happen.

Donald Trump is going to be inaugurated in January. And before Ted Nugent, or Kid Rock, or the “Duck Dynasty” orchestra leave the inauguration stage on that cold January afternoon the Democrats are going to be hard at work doing all they can to make sure they have something on which to impeach Trump before the 2018 midterm elections, because it’s their only real hope of not sinking even further into the congressional minority quicksand.

Me, from my pleached garden, I will amusedly observe the pomp. I despise them all. I have no horses in this race. I’m just happy there’s going to be a lot to write about. Follow me on Facebook if you like what you’ve read thus far. I’ll do my best to keep you infotained with all the fake news I can dream up in my crazy little mind, #Putingate and beyond.




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