Philosopher Slavoj Žižek: Hillary Clinton Is A Cold Warrior Pretending To Be A Progressive

In the video below, Slovenian philosopher/muckraker Slavoj Žižek explains why he would choose Donald Trump as the lesser of the two evils currently vying to be President of the United States. Žižek explains that he agrees with Donald Trump’s statement about Bernie Sanders turning around to support Hillary Clinton that it would be similar to “member of Occupy Wall Street endorsing Lehman Brothers” and that Hillary Clinton is dangerous because of the way she has built a near unified consensus around her Presidency among the political and business elite in the United States. While Slavoj does admit reservations about Donald Trump’s appointment of right-wing justices to the Supreme Court, he contends that a Trump Presidency would be something of a reset button on the American political establishment, forcing both parties to regroup and move in new directions. I can’t help but to agrtee with this assessment.



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