People Don’t Trust The Corporate Media… Until There’s A Tragedy

It has been clear to me all of my life but the idea has gained a lot of popular traction during this election that the corporate media is little more than a propaganda vehicle for the Neoliberal Corporate State. People are increasingly skeptical of the media’s political control narratives, and they absolutely should be. It is disheartening, however, to see many of these same people treating the corporate media narratives surrounding the Orlando massacre as gospel truth. Any questioning of the official story is met by some with scorn and derision and accusations of ‘troll’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’ are commonly hurled.

The Orlando massacre, an incomprehensibly awful tragedy that has taken the lives of innocent people who were just trying to have a good time, is an event with major political overtones. It combines guns, LGBT issues, and Islamic ‘terrorism’ into a tight package that can easily be spun by our corporate media to be a defining moment in this election. The fact that people are willing to overlook that and strictly adhere to the official telling is a sign that as much as we want to believe we’re in the midst of some kind of political awakening in the USA, we are most likely not.

I’m not interested in proposing any ‘theory’ about the reality behind the Orlando massacre, but should we really ignore that Omar Mateen was an employee of the world’s largest security firm G4S, a company involved in Israeli human rights abuses against Palestinians and which has had prior murderers in its ranks? Should we ignore all of the inconsistencies in the reporting, documented well around the internet, and just focus on what AP, CNN, and Fox have decided we should focus on out of fear of veering into ‘conspiracy theory’ territory?

“Conspiracy theory’ itself is a rather peculiar term, seeming to have entered into the vernacular in the mid 1960’s in response to growing speculation regarding the veracity of the official Kennedy assassination narratives. It’s now assumed by almost everyone that the official JFK narrative is bogus, so why are many of those same people all-too-ready to dismiss skepticism of current official narratives as conspiracy theorizing? They’re engaging in the same delegitimizing process used to obfuscate the truth in the past. What has changed? If anything, the corporate state has merely improved their game.



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