Pathologically Insecure Trump Retweets Results Of Bogus Twitter Poll That Rates Him Better Than Obama

Imagine being President of the United States and still being this insecure…

Trump this morning retweeted the results of a bogus Twitter poll conducted by the Twitter account “ProgressPolls” in which the tweet-in-chief beats Barack Obama 61 percent to 39 percent for the poll question “Who is a better President of the United States?”

I should not even have to explain why some Twitter poll is bogus, but Trump supporters might be reading so here I go: Twitter polls are basically online games people play. They don’t reflect reality to any degree. Anyone can vote. Bots can vote. People with 200 accounts can vote 200 times. The poll may have been shared more often by Trump supporters, etc.

Trump is clearly showing his pathological insecurity, which often manifests in the form of comparisons between himself and former President Obama.

The guy is a joke, and his supporters are a joke.

Sadly, our entire country is a joke for electing this piece of shit.

Watch this video where I explain how the different types of Trump supporters can be explained by Mel Gibson movies.

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