Pastor David Grisham Harasses Children Meeting Santa Claus At The Mall [Video]

I’m not really sure what a grown man gets out of a trip to the mall for the sole purpose of harassing children and their parents as they wait in line to meet Santa, but Pastor David Grisham seems to get some kind of weird thrill out of it as the video below will show.

Christard David Grisham

This piece of garbage harasses kids about Santa Claus because he thinks parents shouldn’t be ‘lying’ to their kids, but his solution is for the parents to teach their kids about Jesus, a mythological zombie whose mom was a virgin and who had magical powers.

Thinking back to my own childhood, I don’t feel like I was harmed at all that my parents did the Santa thing. It was fun to believe for a while. Christianity, on the other hand, I could have done without. It teaches you that you’re born with ‘original sin’ and that if you break seemingly arbitrary rules you will burn in hell for eternity. Religion is child abuse. Santa is just a cute little tradition. And David Grisham is a real piece of shit.

Fuck this guy.



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