Over 1 Million California Ballots Trashed; Secretary Of State Alex Padilla Unconcerned

Independent Journalist Greg Palast made a call to the California Secretary State to find out how many votes have been thrown away.

As Palast writes on his blog:

“The mail-in ballots: 1,173,943 uncounted. Provisional “placebo” ballots — when they don’t want you to vote, they give you pretend ballots — there are 712,849 uncounted. This is two weeks after the election! Even Iran counts the votes within two weeks. And we’re not done… 73,116 “other” votes have not been counted.”

“The other secret of American elections, that we’re not supposed to tell anyone, is that we don’t count all the ballots. We have ballots which are called “spoiled.” You’ve got some fly poop on the ballot so the computer kicks it out. There’s all kinds of reasons why your ballot would spoil.”

So if this happens, naturally it would be nice if the Secretary of State had a concerned response, but:

“We’ve been on the phone with the Secretary of State’s office, Alex Padilla. And, number one, he has no count.”

We should not be surprised. Neither should we be surprised that most of these uncounted votes come from independent voters, a group much more likely to vote for Bernie Sanders. Alex Padilla, by the way, is a Hillary Clinton supporter, as you can tell from the photo below.

Read the entire story on Palast’s blog.




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