Obama’s Minister Of Truth Loretta Lynch To Censor “Islam ” and “ISIS” From Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen’s 911 Transcripts

Attorney General Loretta Lynch paid a visit to Upchuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet The Parasite” Sunday to talk about the Orlando Massacre. Of note was an official dispatch from Barack Obama’s Ministry of Truth stating that all references to Islam or Isis will be stricken from the transcript released to the public.

As if it wasn’t suspicious enough that we’re only getting a transcript, they are actually removing words from it? Unreal. A conscious and engaged populace would not allow this shit to go down. Sadly, our society is too busy fighting over Neoliberal identity politics to care. I’m sure plenty of people will think I’m an “Islamophobe” simply for questioning the censoring of reality. After all, the most important thing is to not ‘offend’ anyone.

LORETTA LYNCH: What we’re announcing tomorrow is that the FBI is releasing a partial transcript of the killer’s calls with law enforcement, from inside the club. These are the calls with the Orlando PD negotiating team, who he was, where he was… that will be coming out tomorrow and I’ll be headed to Orlando on Tuesday.

CHUCK TODD: Including the hostage negotiation part of this?

LYNCH: Yes, it will be primarily a partial transcript of his calls with the hostage negotiators.

CHUCK TODD: You say partial, what’s being left out?

LYNCH: What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda.

CHUCK TODD: We’re not going to hear him talk about those things?

LYNCH: We will hear him talk about some of those things, but we are not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance and that. It will not be audio, it will be a printed transcript. But it will begin to capture the back and forth between him and the negotiators, we’re trying to get as much information about this investigation out as possible. As you know, because the killer is dead, we have a bit more leeway there and we will be producing that information tomorrow.

Here’s the video of the interview if you can stomach it:

<iframe src=”http://content.jwplatform.com/players/8loksOKz-F6KYzWLn.html” width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”auto”></iframe>



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