Obama Murdered Dozens Of Syrian Civilians While You Were Busy Worrying About Melania Trump’s Speech

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Apparently Syrian lives are not on the list of lives that matter to war-criminal-in-chief Barack Obama. But he gets a pass yet again because there’s a big uppercase ‘D’ next to his name, and that doesn’t stand for dickhead (though maybe it should).

No, once again America’s paragons of virtue, the liberal Democrats, have chosen to ignore their guy’s atrocities in favor of complaints about perceived racism at the GOP/Trump circus sideshow to Queen Hillary’s coronation as figurehead of the Neoliberal Corporate State of America and the alarming incident of plagiarism against Saint Barack’s wife Michelle at the hands of the evil Melania, wife of the new worst person of all time the Democrats tell us we should be scared of and in need of their protection from, Donald Trump..

Personally, not being a tribalist Democrat I am more concerned with the crimes perpetrated in my name by Barack Hussein Obama, a person who has bombed a total of 7 countries while President, more than Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1, Reagan, Carter, and on and on until you get to Truman.

On July 19th Obama added to his body count with airstrikes on Syria reported to have killed at least 56 civilians. Reports are surfacing today that combined with French airstrikes the civilian death count could be as high as 140 and counting.

He lies about it too. Here’s a story from early July about the ‘official’ US civilian death count since Obama took office. Obama and his warmongering henchman report it as a laughably low 64-116. Human rights and journalist groups nearly unanimously provide a much higher number:

Human rights groups have long claimed that the administration undercounts civilian casualties and the new information is unlikely to satisfy them entirely.

The London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, for instance, has estimated anywhere from 492 to about 1,100 civilians killed by drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia since 2002.

In fact, a story from TeleSur reports the official US civilian death number is 95% lower than legitimate estimates.

Of course, underreporting civilian casualties is nothing new for the United States.

The problem is that we now have this wonderful tool called the internet, where people can get to alternative information sources that may just rock them out of their complacent propaganda-fueled view that Obama, Clinton, and the Democrats are these wonderful liberals and not the power-thirsty, wealth-lusting, bloodthirsty corporate warmongers that they are.

Sorry for bothering you with this. Go call Trump a racist on your Twitter feed and forget I said anything.



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