Mike Pence Was Booed At Hamilton, And It Doesn’t Matter

Mike Pence attended a screening last night of the musical “Hamilton.” From what I can tell this musical is a rather cringe-inducing, corny attempt to make history ‘cool’ by setting a story about Alexander Hamilton to pop music (hip-hop, specifically). Seems like just the kind of ‘groovy’ nonsense an out of touch old dude like Pence would gravitate toward, thinking it would give him some kind of credibility, while normally just being shrugged off as a typically shallow attempt to connect with ‘the people.’

But nothing is normal anymore. In our highly divided society where everything is endowed with far greater meaning than it actually has, his attendance of the musical was met with booing and a lecture from one of the cast members. And of course, social media has run away with the story, mostly applauding the cast of “Hamilton” for their ‘brave’ admonishment of Pence. People are of course sharing links as some kind of victory for social justice, most likely thinking their simple act of sharing a manufactured piece of click bait ‘controversy’ is a little act of mini-rebellion against not only Mike Pence, and by extension Donald Trump, but all the injustice in the world encapsulated into one small and insignificant occurrence.

The truth is that silly stuff like this is wildly irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what some theater actors, or theater patrons think of the Vice President-elect. They are certainly entitled to their views, and I find no fault with anything that occurred at the musical with Pence in attendance. It’s just that this silly, inconsequential nonsense is taken way too seriously in our society. The left have become peddlers of bullshit, constantly on the lookout for the next piece of social justice meta-news to cling to, obsess over for a brief moment, and throw away when another, possibly even more intangible piece of gossip-slash-activism comes along that it can share on their walls and in their groups for likes. The left offers nothing of value or substance but platitude upon platitude of appeals to people’s sense of outrage, vague commitments to ‘social justice,’ and empty academic exercises that have been regurgitated so many times and through so many channels, that they’re caricatures of themselves (hello Marxists!).

If we are going to move forward as a society and not be consumed entirely by reactionary, right-wing nationalism, there is going to have to come from the left side of the spectrum a movement of people committed to moving forward, rather than what we have now – a class of people in love with circling around the cesspools of their own refuse and taking deep inhalations, intoxicated by the smell of their own useless waste.

The left must stop being such a joke, stop obsessing over things like the lame protestations of people who star in musicals or tell jokes on late night corporate television, and focus on matters of real substance, with the intent being to devise legitimate, concrete plans to move forward. Or, we can just let the reactionary right do whatever they want and keep whining and complaining about how ‘bigoted’ they are. It’s up to YOU. It really is.



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