We MUST Create Grassroots Anti-Corporate Media To Fight The Establishment Media’s Lies

Twist The Knife was created to fill a great void in American society. The concentration of ownership in American media has brought us the relative absence of truly independent, grassroots, anti-corporate, democratized media. This has given rise to ever-increasingl sophisticated ability of the Neoliberal Corporate State to create and disseminate control narratives that are then filtered through an incestuous network of corporate ‘news’ outlets, social media operatives, and entertainment outlets. These control narratives are typically designed to be in any number of ways advantageous to the wealthy while causing harm to some or all of the world’s underclasses.

In an age when so-called ‘progressive’ media outlets like The Young Turks make high-dollar deals with Univision to get air time and the laughably self-described ‘progressive’ website DailyKos literally censors users who voice dissent in the site’s forums against the site’s ‘official choice’ for President, it seems like we are way beyond the point where we need to take matters into our own hands and it is terefore now time to no longer simply consume media, but become the media.

The way this site works is simple. If you want to post content you must first register for an account either directly through the site or via your Facebook account. Once registered, just start posting content. We will review the submission and as long as it meets our basic rules it will be posted, typically within a few hours or at most a single day.

While the site does not wish to take hard ‘official’ political stances on specific issues or ideological perspectives, the bottom line is that its purpose is to be an alternative to the media of the Neoliberal Corporate State and posts that express sympathy or support toward the Neoliberal Corporate State will be responded to with an explanation as to why they’re being rejected and an invitation to challenge our disagreement. We need to be on guard against counter-intelligence from the corporate state media, but we also acknowledge we can be wrong about something.

Finally, this site rejects so-called ‘political correctness’ as it is a tool pushed by the establishment to stifle speech. While we will not post what we see as overtly hateful rhetoric for the sole purposing of inciting or insulting people, we will also not be badgered by the PC intelligentsia if one of our posts violates some unwritten Orwellian code of language that was dreamed up by a liberal arts professor at Wellesley, so don’t even bother contacting us about it.

Above all else, this website is a tool to get ideas and information out that are not seeing the light of day in crporate media outlets and perhaps are even being marginalized in the ‘progressive media.’

Happy posting, and welcome to our our little corner of the revolution.

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