Joy Reid Goes On Twitter Rant Attacking Bernie Sanders And His Supporters

Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming book in which she attacks Bernie Sanders and his supporters is making some of her most vocal supporters once again lash out abusively at anyone on the left who refuses to bow at the feet of Queen Hillary. One of these professional lunatics is Joy Reid. Reid enjoys spending her time on Twitter going after Bernie supporters and today was no different. Reid spent a good portion of the day going on a tweet rant and it’s actually rather embarrassing.

It seems to have started with a response she got after posting this tweet…

The response set her off, and Joy’s timeline devolved into an unhinged, bizarre, and bitter tirade against Sanders and Sanders supporters…

Mind you, she started all this with a self-pitying tweet…

‘Half-heartedly’ – lol, you just admitted the party conspired against him. She’s lucky she had his backing at all.

A few hours later she still wasn’t over it…

Remember: this lunatic is paid for her opinion. Scary, indeed.



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