Independent Preston Picus Has Been Chosen By Voters To Take On Corporate Democrat Nancy Pelosi In November

While everyone is focused on the steady increase in votes received in California for Bernie Sanders in the weeks since actual voting took place on June 7th, other races in the state have seen changes as well. Down by over 1400 points behind the Republican candidate, Independent Progressive Preston Picus, whose views closely align with the progressive populism of Bernie Sanders, has now pulled ahead of the Republican candidate to receive the second most votes in the California Primary for the state’s 12th Congressional District, a seat currently occupied for no good reason by the wealthy, out of touch, neoliberal corporatist Nancy Pelosi.

Here’s the official press release from the Picus campaign:

For Immediate Release:

Progressive Picus Finishes Second In Primary, Faces Pelosi in November

San Francisco, CA – June 29th, 2016

After trailing Republican Bob Miller by more than 1,400 votes on election day, Preston Picus took second place in the California 12 Congressional primary, qualifying for the general election in November.

For only the third time in more than 20 elections, Congresswoman Pelosi will face a true progressive this November. In almost every election for the seat representing San Francisco, one of the most innovative cities in the United States, Pelosi’s top competition has been a Republican.

With politics in San Francisco at a boiling point, Mr. Picus is confident he can wage a strong campaign against the former Speaker of the House by capitalizing on increasing voter frustration with the status quo.

For further inquiries please contact Preston Picus For Congress at and at 415-758-0522



The campaign is now focusing on compelling Pelosi to agree to a public debate. Pelosi is not used to having to actually campaign or even answer for her record as here in Neoliberal Democratland of San Francisco wealthy, connected Democrats pretty much have elections handed to them on silver platters. I am sure she will do everything she can to avoid having to do so in this election cycle.

If you have a couple extra dollars, send Picus a donation. I met him once and he’s a good guy – honest, smart, and really knowledgable and tuned in to the needs of both Bay Area residents and citizens of the United States at large. The more we can help candidates like this to get their message to a wider audience, the sooner we can begin to oust the Neoliberal Democratic Party trash that plagues the halls of our government.




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