If You’re Not Bothered By Hillary Clinton’s Call To Assassinate Julian Assange Via Drone Strike You Are A Disgrace To Humanity

The photo below is a screenshot from the Wikleaks Twitter feed with an alleged quote from Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State asking why they can’t just ‘drone this guy’ as a remedy for the political headaches he was causing the Obama administration, of which Clinton’s State Department was a part. 

In addition to the obvious contempt, disregard, and/or ignorance of international law her question suggests, is it not a clear indication that she’s a vile, sociopathic monster who would murder someone simply out of political convenience? Assange does not invent disinformation or maliciously target the US government by spreading fraudulent reports of its misconduct. He simply reports the wrongdoings of our government via controlled leaks of documents the government or other powerful people themselves created. To suggest he should be murdered for this is so despicable that in my estimation it disqualifies Clinton from the Presidency on ethical grounds. Richard Nixon is rightfully despised by history for suggesting much less against his enemies. Clinton should be equally or more so  hated by anyone who feels they can claim themselves a decent, ethical human being. 

‘Trump is awful’ is not a legitimate reason to consent to and participate in the political ascendancy of a person who is by all estimations at the very least as awful as he. Anyone who supports the monstrosity that would be a Clinton presidency will have the blood of Clinton’s many victims on their hands. There is simply no excuse in the world for handing the keys to the White House amd the controls for the US war machine to such a villainous sociopath, regardless of what you think about the alternative. This madness has to stop, and your disgraceful complicity is not helping. 

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