I Will Only Consider Voting For Clinton If Trump Punches Me In The Face The Morning Of The Election


I was just recently trying to think of a scenario that would bring me to the polls to vote for Hillary Clinton on election day. I came to the conclusion that the only thing that might make me do that is if Donald Trump punches me on the morning of election day.

It would have to be the morning of, as I think if I had a day or more to mull it over I would no longer be quite angry enough at Trump to bring myself to vote for Clinton.

But if I were to be awoken by a knock on the door, jarring me out of bed only to open the door and get clocked in the face by Donald Trump, I might be inclined to put on my shoes and go right across the corner and vote for Clinton out of spite.

Short of that I will not be voting for Hillary because my ethics will not allow me to vote for Hillary. I oppose war for corporate profits; I oppose neoliberal trade deals; I oppose the Wall Street takeover of our economy; I oppose big money in politics; I oppose politicians running foundations that take bribes from corporations and despotic governments like Saudi Arabia.

So no, I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton. I’m not even sure I’d vote for her if Trump punches me. I’m just saying that might get me all pissed off and in the frame of mind to do something irrational in the heat of the moment: something like cast a vote for the corporatist war criminal Hillary Clinton.

And this is precisely why I simply can not understand the mentality of Clinton supporters. They have to know how corrupt she is. They can’t possibly be that deeply entrenched in the dry riverbed of liberal denial, can they?

I think it’s part identity politics, part Stockholm syndrome, part brainwashing, and part ignorance. All of these things make a Clinton supporter a Clinton supporter.

And then there are the multi-millionaires and billionaires; the bankers and the war profiteers. They simply stand to benefit from her Presidency and that’s why they’re ‘with her.’

The rest of you are just one among many in the vast taxonomy that is American stupidity.



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