How A Family-Owned Italian Bistro Is Beating Corporate Extortionists Yelp At Their Own Rigged Game

Yelp is a notoriously awful company that works to undermine small business owners who do not capitulate to the company’s harassment and threats which are intended to extort the business owners out of money in exchange for more control over how their business appears on the site. Businesses that don’t pay up and invest in Yelp’s ‘Premium’ services deal with bad reviews being floated to the top and competitors ads featuring prominently as if to lure potential customers away. This is detailed by the Los Angeles Times Here.

Botto Bistro, a small family-owned Italian joint in Richmond, California decided to deal with Yelp a little differently than most businesses. They decided to offer half-priced pizzas to their customers in exchange for some laughably brutal one star reviews.

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The company posted a pretty hilarious statement on their Facebook page on June 9th that’s definitely worth checking out, featuring verbal gems like “For the last two years we trolled Yelp all over the world, we made sure to keep Yelp’s friends away from our door and we mocked and made fun of every winner with a Yelp Elite badge and an opinion that we don’t care about who mistakenly stumbled into our place.”

I’ve never even had the food at this place but the defiant attitude has me feeling kinda hungry.

9021-knife-vector 9021-knife-vector9021-knife-vector9021-knife-vector9021-knife-vector Five Knives for their masterful anti-corporate trolling.




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