Hillary’s Poor Judgment: Her Top Aide Sent Classified Emails To A Pervert


Some may say it’s wrong to judge a person by who they choose as their closest confidants. Those people are idiots. Sadly, there are a lot of them, and many are already voting for Hillary Clinton. To them, Clinton can do no wrong. This piece is not written for those people. This piece is directed toward people who have serious reservations about Hillary Clinton but are still considering a vote for her in the upcoming Presidential election, now only a week and a half away, simply because they see Donald Trump as the worse of the ‘two evils’ given to us by the Democrat and Republican parties.

The FBI’s announcement today that it is reopening the investigation into Clinton’s and her staff’s use of a private server to conduct official State Department business is shocking only because the investigation should not have been closed without an official recommendation for an indictment in the first place. Laws were broken, bottom line. That Clinton escaped indictment has been the focus of much speculation since FBI director James Comey let her off the hook with a strange explanation that didn’t seem to add up, and this latest development may or not have the potential to make things right, but at the very least it should ruin her chances of becoming President of the United States.

In a perfect world, it would be a no-brainer. Had her opponent been John Kasich, or Rand Paul, or even Marco Rubio, this would be the final nail in the coffin of a candidacy that has been plagued by scandal after scandal and should have lost steam months ago. The world is not perfect, however, and her opponent is Donald Trump, a candidate who is not without scandals of his own.

We need to look past all that and truly consider the ramifications of Hillary’s scandals. Here is a person who has chosen as her top aide a woman named Huma Abedin. Abedin has familial ties to Islamic extremists, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim World League, and the radical Islamic Extremist journal “Muslim Minority Affairs,” a magazine on which Huma Abedin herself was once listed as an associate editor and for which she contributed articles. These links are well documented on the reputable website The Hill.

Abedin, while working under Clinton while Clinton was Secretary of State, apparently decided it was okay to send classified documents to her own Yahoo email address as well as her husband’s email address. Her husband, as most reading this will recall, is Anthony Weiner, an idiot who has repeatedly sent pictures of his cock to women he met online, most recently to a 15-year-old girl. Those indiscretions with a juvenile being the catalyst for the FBI investigation that led to the latest disclosure of Emails causing the investigation into Clinton’s private server to be reopened by the FBI.

If Abedin so carelessly decided it was cool to send her pervert husband State Department materials, what did she send to the extremists in her family? Furthermore, why is the Secretary of State so close with a woman who is related to radical Islamic extremists? And even if she herself is not an extremist, her judgment is certainly inept if she thinks it’s okay to send this information to her pervert husband who does not have the security clearances necessary to receive such information.

Hillary Clinton can not be President. If you were considering a vote for her, wake up and change your mind. I am not asking you to vote for Donald Trump. Not being registered ina swing state, I will likely not vote for him myself. But please do not vote for Hillary Clinton. The only thing worse than her judgment is her intention. She is a corporatist, a warmonger, and a criminal. Don’t let your liberal identity politics blind you to reality. We must not let this degenerate and her staff anywhere near the Oval Office.



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