Hillary Sycophant Peter Daou Has Twitter Meltdown Over Criticism Of His New Website

Hillary Clinton sycophant and flaming garbage pile of a human being, Peter Daou, is having another of his many Twitter meltdowns over the hilarious reaction to his new website, Verrit. After Hillary Clinton tweeted an endorsement of the new site the other night, Berniecrat Twitter went on a hilarious attack spree to mock and ridicule Daou and the site. Daou seems to think this is because people are ‘afraid’ of Hillary, but the truth is that people probably would leave him alone if he’d stop bashing Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders supporters at every opportunity. In fact, on the same day that Clinton tweeted her support for Verrit, the site had run an inflammatory article that blamed Bernie Sanders for Clinton’s inability to beat Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Given the timing, the move is obviously a calculated ploy to sell more copies of Clinton’s forthcoming shit pile of a book, What Happened, which leaked excerpts show contains plenty of the expected Bernie-bashing from Clinton herself, or at least her ghostwriter.

No, Queen Hillary Clinton couldn’t possibly take responsibility for the fact that it was she who ran a losing campaign and failed to convince voters that her dismal record as Secretary of State, speeches to Wall Street banks, and overall uninspiring vision for the country was something they should rally behind. Her refusal to campaign in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan did not help either.

No, for Clinton the game is always to blame other people, and Bernie Sanders is a convenient scapegoat, as are his “Bernie bro” supporters, who Clinton also mocks and derides in her book.

And the sycophantic turd, Peter Daou, known to many as simply Peter Douche, is more than happy to oblige with his role as Clinton’s mouthpiece-in-chief.

So much for “party unity.”



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