Facebook’s Orwellian Censorship Hits New Low As RT Blocked From Posting To Their Page

Russia Today (RT) has been blocked from posting to its Facebook page until after Donald Trump’s inauguration, according to the network’s web page.

Facebook censorship, blocking, and bans have been getting worse and worse, and it’s causing a lot of people to seek new solutions, especially those of us who use social media to share political opinions and information.

I have recently started investigating Minds, which is a social media platform that promises less censorship. I like the interface, but haven’t fully explored the site. Check out my profile here.

From my experience, it’s censorship issues that kill online forums. No one wants to stick around a place where they’re going to be punished for bullshit reasons. And I assure you, Facebook bans plenty of people for bullshit reasons that don’t explicitly violate their often ambiguously-worded terms. Basically, someone can be gang-stalked on the platform and the stalkers mass report their posts, triggering their account to be blocked, either from just groups or altogether. It’s madness, and it’s annoying, and it will lead to the death of Facebook as more and more people seek alternatives. Same goes for Twitter and YouTube.

Facebook is cancer.



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