It Should Be Dangerous To Be A Fascist

It is considered almost ‘cute’ in mainstream culture in the United States to be a fascist. While people may say they oppose Nazis, racism, white supremacists, and fascists of all stripes, but in reality, our culture takes a decidedly “boys will be boys” approach. Instead of having to hide their virulent ideas and lurk in the shadows, our nation’s fascists are fully engaged on social media, pushing their hateful ideology which is never more than a few clicks away for anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account, and they have no fear about showing up on the streets chanting their racist slogans and waving their fascist signs and symbols.

Those pushing the fascist propaganda are not just the people who officially belong to groups like Vanguard America, the white supremacist organization that counts Charlottesville murderer, James Alex Fields, as a member. No, it’s all types of right wing, Trump-supporting ‘bros’ who think it’s funny to, for example, make jokes about running over ‘commie’ Black Lives Matter protesters, often using racist language I’ll refrain from printing here.

No, it’s your run-of-the-mill alt right shitbags who are all joining in on the chorus of fascism, sharing articles from media outlets like Daily Stormer, a neo-nazi site owned by Andrew Anglin, who called Charlottesville murder victim Heather Heyer a “Fat, Childless 32-Year-Old Slut” in an article published to his worthless site that I won’t link to.

Instead of condemning this kind of thing, the right see the murder as justified, because, after all, she was a commie race traitor who “deserved it.” They laugh, post memes mocking Heather’s death, and argue that her death was justified.

heather heyer andrew anglin

They do this because they are using fear against their enemies, which means anyone who doesn’t agree with their fascist vision for America. They want us to be scared and back down, to think twice before standing up to their vile hate. They are authoritarians who see a society that is in many ways in the process of evolving, and they hate it because they fear a loss of status and power that they feel is rightfully theirs and which they can only maintain through intimidation and violence.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a page on Andrew Anglin. The quote at the beginning of the page illustrates Anglin’s reliance on fear as his primary weapon in achieving his aims.

“Fear. Now is the time for it … We want these people to feel unwanted. We want them to feel that everything around them is against them. And we want them to be afraid,” Anglin said.

We are not going to stop the rise of these fascist vermin by holding hands and singing “Kumbaya” in a circle. We are not going to stop the rise of these fascist zombies by making excuses for people around us who casually promote bits and pieces of their propaganda, shrugging it off as just “boys will be boys.” We must make it extremely dangerous to align with fascists, to promote fascist ideology, and to be a fascist.

Now is not the time for a “let’s all just talk it out” approach. The death of Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old Bernie Sanders supporter, activist, and human being, should be a signal that these fascist swine are determined to kill anyone who stands in the way of their fascist agenda. Now is the time to make them afraid, to not back down, to stand up, and to fight them. If not now, there may not be a next time.



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