Entitled Capitalist Flips Out At Student Employee For Quitting Crappy Low Wage Job

Capitalists, especially a lot of small business owners, often act as though they have walked on miles and miles of stormy water to deliver you their shitty, low-wage, dead-end job in a holy chalice once used by the holy lord Adam Smith himself. Of course, the truth is that you have, for the time being, agreed to sell them your labor at exploitation prices because it makes some kind of sense to do so for the time being. That’s the way the free market they worship works. They don’t ‘own’ you, as much as they would like that to be the case. No, you’re free to quit their shitty job at any time if something better comes along or the situation of your life changes so it is no longer worth it to you to line their pockets with gold as they profit off your time. Despite this, as the emails below suggest, some capitalists believe we should all be licking their balls in gratitude for the opportunity to have our labor exploited for their benefit.

Nutters sandwich shop in Newark, Delaware, recently became the subject of a viral facebook post by a college student who was hired to work this coming Spring but then decided that the job was not a good fit for her life at this time. Instead of replying in anything approaching a professional manner, the owner of the restaurant went on a tirade insulting the student and taking swipes at the entire “millennial” generation from which she ostensibly belongs (not, if she’s a current college student, she very likely isn’t even a millennial, but generation ‘Z’ or whatever, but I digress).

Check out the emails she posted to facebook below. As a bonus, I found an exchange between the owner and someone leaving them a negative review. Enjoy.

nutters newark sandwich



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