Dopey Salon Feminist Anna March Calls Men “Sexist” For Not Obeying Her Command To Support Hillary

I read this morning what has to be one of the most trite and poorly argued essays in the history of poorly written Salon essays on feminism. This time it wasn’t Salon’s usual vapid feminist Amanda Marcotte, but some twit named ‘Anna March’ whose previous article for the media outlet was titled “Just Like A Woman: I’m A Feminist And I Love Bob Dylan-Even Though I Know I Shouldn’t.”

Really, she ‘knows’ she shouldn’t like a musician because of feminism. What?

I assume that article which I have no intention of reading uses similarly awful reasoning as the article she posted today titled “Exile In Political Guyville: Why Getting Hillary Clinton Elected Isn’t Women’s Work” in which she never really says much of anything beyond “Hillary is a woman and she’s the Democratic nominee. If you don’t support her it means you’re a sexist.” The entire article is just full of shallow accusations against any man who would dare to refrain from supporting Hillary Clinton for President, simply because she’s a woman and ‘progressive’ men should think that’s all the info they need to support her.

By far the most laughably idiotic part of the post is the following:

The argument that male complacency can be blamed on Clinton being the wrong female candidate does not stand up when you consider that progressive women in every cohort largely support her. These women are not as a group ideologically different than their male counterparts, not intrinsically less liberal, more hawkish, less concerned about her Wall Street ties. So, what is causing that gender divide?

March concludes that this divide (alleged divide, might I add – there are no statistics present in the piece) is a result purely of “Bernie bros’ being uncomfortable with women in power. That’s it – no exploration of Clinton’s actual record or policy positions, just male pigs being male pigs. The thought that maybe the inverse is true, that some women are ignoring Clinton’s record, lies, crimes, and corruption because they are enamored of the idea of a woman President – well, that’s not even given consideration. In the heterodoxy of feminist discourse, remember, only men can be wrong about something. It’s because we’re pigs guys. A feminist has spoken.





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