Donald Trump Is The Al Bundy Of American Politics

Donald Trump is a sad, broken man. Only one month into his presidency, he should be riding high on a wave of optimism. Instead, he’s holding sad rallies to boost his crumbling ego and taking a vacation every weekend to escape from his misery.

This is because Trump peaked before he every even set foot in the oval office. Trump’s peak came the night of the election, when it became clear he would beat Hillary Clinton. It’s all been downhill from that moment. Sure, he was still riding the crest of his glorious victory wave while he was still just President-elect, but the castle in the sky was already starting to crumble. Instead of choosing truly ‘anti-establishment’ cabinet picks, Trump chose a plethora of business executives from Goldman Sachs, Exxon, and elsewhere, and surrounded himself with the ultra-rich. He got flack for that, and a lot more.

Now, about a month into his presidency, his administration has been plagued by scandals, his approval rating is tanking, and last night he threw a weird rally in Florida, seemingly designed to inflate his ego and shield his insecurity from the sad reality: that he’s already considered a shit president.

In this sense, Trump is like the Al Bundy of American politics. For those who have never seen the old Fox sitcom, “Married With Children,” Al Bundy was the loser father on that show. Condemned to a miserable life of selling shoes to overweight women who treated him like shit as he helped them try on shoes that were too small for their grotesque feet, a wife who spent all his money and wouldn’t even cook him a meal, and who he had no sexual desire for, and two children who routinely disappointed him, Al Bundy’s only comfort in life was reminiscing about past glory as a high school football star; in particular one game where he threw four touchdown passes, breaking a state record. This was the peak of Al’s life, just as winning the election was the peak of Donald’s, and for both men, it’s all downhill thereafter.

But at least with Al, his personal failings will be remembered only as a source of amusement for Americans who watched the show on which he was a character. For Trump, there is little doubt he will go down in history as one of our worst Presidents, having damaged our country, one can hope, only nearly beyond repair.



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