Do We Really Need A President?


If this election season has taught us anything it’s that our political system is broken. The two dominant political parties routinely conspire to keep the discourse circling around the same bullshit identity politics and bureaucratic smoke and mirror differences between them to the dismay of the vast majority of the population who have long become cynical about the possibility that these minor differences amount to anything more than a facade of make believe opposition. Most of us know there is one corporate-controlled party and that the ‘government’ they allow us to ‘vote’ for is little more than a bureaucratic entity that conceals the reality that the control is really in the hands of the deep state, the intelligence community, and the billionaire elites who finance the entire carnival.

And while I’m not going to be the one to persuade people to completely drop out of participation in said carnival, it would be nice if more people would start to question things a little more deeply than the vast majority of us are doing right now. While it probably doesn’t hurt matters to support a third party candidate in any given election, perhaps some focus should be placed on tearing the whole fucking thing apart. And where better to start at the top: do we really need a President?

The ‘government’ is nothing more than the bureaucratic arm of the corporate state. It’s there to regulate us at the pleasure of the corporate entities that truly call all the shots. It’s there to give us the illusion of choice. It’s there to manipulate us into thinking we have a say in the madness that its existence perpetuates. It’s a problem that won’t be fixed by the thin veil or repair that our largely symbolic ‘voting’ allows.

We are a very naive society. We actually allow ourselves to believe that the most powerful military force in the world would be allowed to fall into the hands of a populace that has been conditioned into subservience and stupidity by forces aligned against our own better interests. We think we can vote our better interests into reality. We can’t. Sorry, we just can’t. It’s going to take a lot more than the pipe dream of a political savior in this or the next election to jump to the next stage of human progress.

And perhaps I’m naive but I do think there’s another level we can ascend to on this grand journey through the course of our human evolutionary consciousness. But first we have to try, and to do that we must start educating ourselves more and questioning a lot more. We can’t be led by this or that political entity, this or that media entity, or this or that corporate entity into believing that this or that movement or ideology or goal is more akin to the ‘truth’ than some other version of the ‘truth’ that it allegedly exists to oppose. This is all part of the illusion.

Personally I believe we are a great distance from achieving real change. We see each and every day how the masses of people allow themselves to be manipulated by some news story that plays on our fears, emotions, and personal grievances, but we really don’t allow ourselves to get at the very heart of our social realities. We all cling to what’s easy, what’s safe, what we want to believe is ‘the truth.’

The idea that societies ‘need’ governance is not a natural law. It’s a philosophical construct we’ve been conditioned to accept. And while government has certainly played its part in building us up to where we are now as a species, is it not time to also admit that government has likewise been the source of most of our problems as a species?

If there is a future for humanity it is my view that the goal must be the eradication of the idea that one human or set of human beings should rule another set of human beings. I see no better time than now to move toward that goal and I see no better way to symbolically start this process than to challenge the notion that we should even be selecting one human being to sit atop the throne of governance. It’s been 240 years since this American experiment began, and it’s time to remove the variable of the presidency once and for all and try something else.


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