DNC Night 1 – A Ridiculous Carnival Of Vacuous Fearmongering 


The first night of the Democratic National Convention was filled with little more than a series of set pieces designed to make people afraid of Donald Trump. Between speakers viewers were treated to video montages of Trump saying typical Trump soundbytes designed to get him exactly the attention the Democrats were all to eager to give him this evening. Occasionally they’d feature skits from b-list actors and comedians and other times just a short video tugging on some emotional heartstrings featuring someone peddling some new reason to be afraid of Trump.

The speakers included a predictable laundry list of people the Democrats need to be terrified enough of Trump to vote for the unpopular Clinton: people with disabilities, Mexican immigrants, middle class white women with vague feminist inclinations, gays, transgender people, black people, even Art Garfunkel who had to have been terrified by Paul Simon’s performance. Elizabeth Warren’s speech was particularly bombastic in approach, certain to have been whipped up by some DNC political wizard well-versed in the lingo of the Sanders supporters her speech was meant to patronize.


The funniest part is that the Democrats were just last week bashing the GOP for fearmongering at their equally vacuous and worthless convention.

Our political system is well beyond broken.



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