Democrats Begin Guilt Trip Campaign To Pressure People Into Supporting Historically Awful Candidate


The Democrats have chosen to coronate a Presidential candidate with historically low approval ratings and they’re in a hurry to let you know it’s YOUR fault if she loses to Donald Trump. Who, as the Democrats will put it, is even worse than the love child of Hitler and Mussolini on steroids.

In the next several months popular actors, comedians, talking heads, and your annoying liberal neighbor will join in on an epic gaslighting campaign to make sure you know you’re a terrible human being if you won’t vote for Hillary Clinton. You can try to reason with them, explain why you can’t vote for her, and even include why you won’t vote for Trump either if that’s your choice, but it won’t matter, not at all; if you’re not voting for Hillary Clinton, you are supporting Trump, and therefore by virtue of the infallibility of liberal gaslighting logic, you will be voting for the immediate Nazification of the United States, and therefore you must yourself be a Nazi. No way around it.

Of course the same logic does not apply in reverse. If you support Clinton you are not supporting any of the questionable things she did as Secretary of State, like supporting a coup in Honduras, facilitating the record-breaking sale of weapons to dictatorships like Saudi Arabia that kill Yemeni children (and donate to her foundation), execute atheists and homosexuals, and deny human rights to women, or selling a large chunk of America’s domestic Uranium rights to Russia. No, those things simply won’t be mentioned because they don’t fit the Orwellian liberal Democrat narrative.

And if you do mention them, well that makes you a Nazi too; a Republican troll > Trump supporter > Nazi.

See how that works.

You will hear about your ‘privilege,’ and you will be told that you are personally hurting others for your choices. When you remind these people that Haitians rights activists might tell you a different story about the Clintons, you will be met with further gaslighting for daring to speak ill of Queen Hillary. You fucking Nazi.

This is how the Democratic Party practices thought control and gets people to go along with their corporatist, warmongering, elitist agenda. They create little pockets of the discourse where they can thought police the opposition into submission. They conceal the truth of their motives behind identity politics obfuscations so that even though they might be bombing the shit out of people for the benefit of wealthy corporations (Obama has bombed 7 countries, 3 more than Bush), they can still pretend like they’re heroes of social justice.

It’s a psychological ploy that comes from the advertising industry. It’s called brand association. The Democratic Party has tied their brand to a handful of favorable social issues to essentially create a ‘faux-left’ in the United States that is wholly unconcerned with war, disastrous and unfair trade deals, and the sorry state of our economy for poor and working people. All the Democratic Party needs to do to wrangle in the followers of its various identity politics affinity groups is speak some favorable rhetoric and scare those groups with ‘scary Republican’ fear tactics. Meanwhile, too many members of these narcissistic identity groups are wholly satisfied and don’t feel the need to challenge the Democratic party on war, corporatism, neoliberalism, and the remainder of its crimes against humanity.

I mean, where was dildo advice peddler Dan Savage when it came time to stand against the warmongering of both the Democrats and Republicans in 2002 when I and many others were protesting against the decision? Oh yeah, he wrote a column begging the government to bomb the shit out of Iraq. What a guy. He really cares.

Resist this bullshit at all costs. When these liberal Democrats pull this gaslighting garbage on you, remain firm. It’s time for change. Change starts now.


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