Corrupt Attorney General Loretta Lynch Should Be Forced To Resign For Holding A Private Meeting With Bill Clinton

Every day we are given a deeper view into the immeasurable corruption of high-ranking Democratic Party officials. An Attorney General should most certainly NOT be meeting with a witness in an FBI criminal investigation that she may be asked to prosecute if the FBI recommends indictment at the conclusion of said investigation.

And honestly, do these people think we’re stupid or something? These powerful and busy people really expect us to believe they adjusted their schedules to talk about their grandkids for 15 minutes? If they really gave that much of a shit about each other’s grandkids or other banal aspects of their personal lives there are these things called phones nowadays that are perfect for such minor discussions. You don’t have to hold a private plane on a runaway to chat. This is 2016.

These people are corrupt to the point that it’s almost impossible to believe it’s really going on. If Hillary Clinton winds up being installed as President despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans think she’s a criminal scumbag deserving of a lengthy jail sentence, there will be mass hatred and opposition to our government come next January the likes of which we have not seen since the years leading up to the American Revolution.

These degenerates must be taught a lesson. Sadly, it seems maybe they are too well-connected, too powerful, too entrenched to ever have to face justice for their immeasurable corruption and crimes.




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