Congressional Black Clintonists Reject Sanders Campaign’s Proposals For Reforms In DNC Primary Process

The Congressional Black Caucus today issued a letter to Bernie Sanders formally rejecting his calls for making the primary process in the Democratic Party more democratic. I’m sure they are unable to see the irony there, as they are up to their necks in lobbying money and pro-Clinton official DNC party-line rhetoric.

The Congressional Black Caucus is yet another example of the Democratic Party using appeals to cultural identity to reel people in while acting contrary to those people’s better interests. Filled with career establishment politicians like Charlie Rangel and Corey Booker who have endorsed Hillary Clinton, the CBC ignores the fact that the Neoliberal economics of Hillary Clinton and the establishments of both parties have not helped the majority of African Americans aside from those who have bank accounts large enough to be at the receiving end of the scam that is the Neoliberal Corporate State economy.

While in theory it is good for affinity groups to emerge in Congress, all-too-often the corrupting influence of money and power steps in to undermine any noble intentions the members may have. That the Congressional Black Caucus is opposed to reforms that would make the Democratic Primary process more inclusive in favor of tightening their own grip on power and the wealth it affords indicates that they are as much a part of the problem as any legislative group that functions within the halls of the establishment’s temples.




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