Clinton Supporters Exist In A Universe Of Pure Ethical Abstraction

There are right now two political types in the United States, and I do not base my distinction on ideological grounds. There are Clinton supporters, and everyone else. On the one hand you have people who support Hillary Clinton, and on the other hand, you have Trump supporters, disgruntled Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, Independents, and a vast array of people who may agree on little else, but who all agree with the basic presumption that Hillary Clinton is corrupt to the point of criminality. These people mostly agree that she is not fit to be the President of the United States due to the degree to which she has used her past political power as a conduit for increasing her own wealth and the wealth of those around her. While your average Trump supporter and Green party supporter, for example, agree little when it comes to political ideology, they find themselves in accord when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s unsuitability for the job that she currently seeks. And their view is based on reality. We know because of Wikileaks that Hillary Clinton sold political favors out of her office as Secretary of State. This is simply a fact, and it is a large factor in why we all oppose her, alongside other more ideologically particular reasons.

Clinton supporters function either completely in denial of these facts, or resign themselves to a conveniently willing ignorance of her misdeeds. Instead, they focus on ethical abstractions revolving around their dislike of Donald Trump. Where we point out specific examples from leaked Wikileaks documents or her public record of her pay-to-play schemes or favorable decisions made to benefit foreign states like the Saudis who have donated to her Foundation, her supporters meet our concerns with arguments based on abstract fears of Donald Trump’s alleged ‘racism’ or ‘misogyny.’ And while Trump may or may not be racist or sexist, these arguments are based solely on hypotheticals and conjecture revolving around the abstract notion that his presidency will ‘hurt marginalized groups.’ The specific mechanism for how Trump’s supposed ‘racism’ would impact everyday Americans is never elaborated upon. It’s just argued as if it were fact.

While I am no fan of Trump, it is plainly apparent to me that the specific crimes perpetrated by Hillary Clinton that we have been given direct knowledge of by Wikileaks and by James Comey’s testimony before Congress, during which he bafflingly implicated her without recommending indictment, are of a more concrete and realistic nature than the abstractions leveled against Trump based on sound bytes taken from his admittedly ridiculous rhetoric. And while Trump does have some legal controversies of his own involving alleged sex scandals, at this point the evidence we do have amounts to hearsay, whereas the evidence against Clinton is immutable and damning, and tells a specific story of a public official who has consistently used her position in government to enrich her family and herself, as well as her network of slimy sycophants.

It is exhausting to constantly be told I am a racist and a sexist for ‘helping Trump win’ because I refuse to throw my deep ethical concerns to the side and support a candidate who for decades I have publicly opposed, and I know I am not alone in feeling this way. When the President of the United States has the audacity, as he did earlier today, to castigate those who refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton as ‘sexist,’ it is a level of political gaslighting that betrays the fact that his party has reached the pinnacle of ethical bankruptcy. The Democrats have nothing to offer but empty identity politics, veiled threats, and scorn for anyone who questions their moral failings.

While I share an array of ideological differences with my fellow Americans who oppose Clinton as I do, we must stand together now, and especially if she is elected President, and oppose this hideously corrupt criminal. The future of our country and the future of our world are at stake.



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